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Hey there, welcome to Textchange! First dates are always awkward, but we will do our best to introduce ourselves. Textchange is a young, student-run startup committed to providing the most convenient textbook exchange experience. Having been students ourselves and seen the pile of textbooks slowly build up in the corner of our rooms, we know the struggle of buying and selling textbooks.

It is exactly this struggle that inspired us to build this site. We wanted to cut out all of the annoying aspects: sifting through posts to find a textbook that’s still available, endless back and forth bargaining over prices, coordinating a meet up locations, feeling uncertain about how and when to pay, and the effort to actual meet and exchange the textbook.

Textchange is built on pillars… well, really only one pillar, and that’s convenience. Textchange is designed for optimal convenience with the student experience at its core. We provide standardized posts, dynamic search capability, one click checkout and payment with PayPal, and the cherry on top: free door to door delivery! We hope this site helps make textbooks more affordable (or turn your books into beer money for the bars), and easy enough that it’s silly not to partake. Thanks for your support and being part of the (Text)Change!

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