Terms and Conditions

Who we are:

Our website address is: https://textchange.ca, the official marketplace address for Textchange. The store administrator and owner can be contacted at campus.textchange@gmail.com. The Terms and Conditions outlined on this page pertain to the activities and interaction engaged in by a user¹ in association with Textchange, www.textchange.ca (The “Site”), as well with any agent of the business and website in their capacity thereto.

Provision of Services:

Textchange (further to also to referred to as the “website”, “site”, “platform”) acts as an internet intermediary marketplace, defined as services that bring together or facilitate transactions between third parties on the internet. Thereto, Textchange solely provides the infrastructure to facilitating the buying and selling of products by the site’s users, and does not at any point take ownership or otherwise interact (including as a publisher) with user postings.

  • Seller agrees to pay a fee in the form of a commission
  • Buyer agrees to pay a service fee as indicated at checkout as well as any other costs (e.g. shipping) indicated at checkout.

Ownership of Posted Products and Textchange Disclaimer:

As to the above section, in acting as an intermediary, Textchange operates under the assumption of broad immunity, which limits the liability of the intermediary (i.e. Textchange), and promotes and protects the global free flow of information online. Pertaining to this, Textchange does not act, nor should be treated as the publisher or owner of any content or product posted to the site.

Withdrawal of Right:

In the case that a user no longer agrees to the terms outlined on this page, we ask to receive written notice either through our contact form on the “Contact Us” page, or directly to our email info@textchange.ca. Once this request is received, we will take steps to remove the users account and all information associated with this. Some information such as seller reviews and comments may still be visible on the site, however these will not include any personal information. 

Conditions of Use and Service:

As Textchange markets/advertises and provides its service for university students, it is assumed that all users of the service are of capacity to use this site. As in the above sections, Textchange acts as an intermediary in connecting the parties to the transaction. As such, a user recognizes that the site is not responsible for the state of the books, information posted on the site, is not the publisher of posts. 

Methods of Payment:

Payment is to be facilitated through PayPal. When using PayPal’s service, its corresponding privacy policy and terms and conditions apply. Textchange does not preside or take liability for issues related to payment while using PayPal’s services.

For more information about our terms and conditions, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at campus.textchange@gmail.com.

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