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On this page:

  • How to create a textchange account
  • Searching and buying textbooks
  • How to migrate your account from a buyers account to a buyer & seller account
  • Selling and posting your textbooks
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Create an account

Let’s help you get started by guiding you through creating an account! Follow along with the video or check out the quick steps below.

1. Navigate to
2. Select the “My Account” button in the header (this will redirect you to the login/registration page) (*Website revisions added below)
3. Choose your account type: A buyer account, or a buyer and seller account (you can also change these later on your account page!)
4. Register an account with your email (with the form on the website), or with your Facebook Account
5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Register”
6. Confirm your email account by clicking the link “here” in the verification email

Congratulations, you are ready to start your textbook journey with Textchange!

*Website Revisions:
Since this video, we have made some changes to our site and have made it even easier to make an account! In the banner on the homepage, you will now see a button labeled “Create an Account”. This button will direct you to the right place.
The “My Account” button in the header has also changed to “Login”. Clicking this button will take you to the right place as well!

Searching for textbooks

search efficiency

Are you in need of a textbook? Are you a fan of convenience? Then you’ve come to the right place! Textchange makes it easy to get the textbooks you need. Just search the store, pay on the website, and have your textbook delivered to your door for FREE! Follow along to see just how to buy your first textbook!

NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to buy textbooks. You can buy textbooks with a credit/debit card, but this is processed through PayPal, so don’t be alarmed if a PayPal window opens when you are trying to pay!

1. Start your search! There are a few ways to start this:
    i) Click the “Start the Search” button on the homepage banner to get to the store.
    ii) OR Scroll down to the navigation section and select the “Search Textbooks” button.
    iii) OR Click the “Store” button in the header
    iv) OR, easiest of all, search right from the header using the Search Icon in the top right corner.
2. Search a term in the search bar, browse the store page, or browse a specific product category
3. Sort the search results based on your criteria using the drop-down sort options
4. Select the textbook you want and add it to your cart
5. Once you have added all the textbooks you need to the cart, click the shopping bag in the header to view your cart and start the checkout process
6. You can review your cart, then click “Proceed to Checkout”
7. Fill out the shipping address with a London address
8. Add your phone number, our delivery drivers may need to contact you when delivering your textbook
9. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click “Place Order”
10. The “Place Order” button will open a PayPal window, here you can choose to pay with your PayPal account, or a credit/debit card if you do not have a PayPal Account
11. You can then review any orders or payments you have made in the “Buyers Dashboard” under the “My Account” menu header

Congratulations on buying your first textbook! Now just wait for a knock on your door from one of our delivery drivers when we drop off your textbook! We are excited that you’re part of the Textchange!

Account migration and becoming a seller

Home Page Illustration

Have some textbooks laying around you want to sell? Or want to turn your buyer account into a seller account? Follow along and we will show you how to do just that!

NOTE: Right from the get-go, when making an account, you can choose to be both a buyer and seller. Selecting this option will send you a verification email that will redirect you right to the setup wizard we cover at 1:18.

1. If you have made a buyer and seller account, you can skip ahead to 1:18 where we cover the setup wizard
2. If you made a buyer account and want to enable the selling features, start by logging in to your account
3. On the “My Account” page on the “Dashboard” tab, click the prompt “Become a Seller”
4. Add the requested information in the registration form
5. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click the “Become a Seller” button
6. This will open a Setup Wizard that will ask for all the info we need for you to start selling
7. Add a London address where you want our delivery drivers to pick up your textbooks from
8. Add your PayPal email in the payment section so you can start getting paid right away

Congratulations, you’re all set to start selling! We are excited that you’re part of the Textchange!

Posting and selling your textbooks

Store Illustration

First time posting a textbook for sale on Textchange? First things first: welcome, we are so excited that you are a part of the Textchange! We will walk you through the process of posting a textbook and a few tips to keep in mind when you’re posting. You can also take a look at the steps below.

1. Login to your seller account
2. Toggle to the add textbook page by clicking any of the add textbook buttons on the website
3. Ensure you are set up to sell. Make sure you added a London address in your “store settings”, and a PayPal email address in “payment settings”
4. Back on the add new product page, add a title for the listing (our advice: combine the course code and some identifying phrase, like “Econ 1021 Microeconomics textbook”)
5. Set the price of your textbook (OPTIONAL: you can add a discounted price and schedule)
6. Add the textbook information (make this as accurate as you can, this will help you sell your textbook!)
7. Select the textbook quality option most representative of your book
8. Optional: Add any additional description of the textbook
9. Select the featured photo of your textbook
10. Add additional photos of your textbook to the gallery from the plus icon below the featured image
11. Post your textbooks and let the magic happen. You’ll get email updates when your textbook is sold, and when our delivery drivers are on their way to pick up the textbook!

Congratulations on selling your first textbook! We are excited that you’re part of the Textchange!

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